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Darter Scout Car
Production information
Manufacturer General Motors
Mission Reconnaissance
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Mass 13 tons
Armor ProtecTech Light
Engine GM 75 ICE
Speed 151 km/h
Crew 1
BV (2.0) 125[1]


The Darter Scout Car owes its existence to the destructive nature of the First Succession War. Following the end of that war, the Federated Suns needed to rebuild. They gave preference to their BattleMech forces, so they asked for manufacturing concerns to submit designs that would allow them to produce an effective combat vehicle that filled a supporting role and not tie up materials needed to rebuild the more-dedicated combat units. The Darter won that contract for General Motors in 2822.[2]

The Darter has respectable speed for a vehicle, topping out at 151 km/h. This speed comes courtesy of an Internal Combustion Engine, which allowed the AFFS to save Fusion Engines for its 'Mech force. A paltry two tons of armor protect the Darter, precluding it from all but the lightest combat. Rather than mounting dedicated electronics, the vehicle has three tons of cargo space that can be easily reconfigured. Despite their fragility, Darters are easily repaired.[3]


The only weapon on the Darter is a Johnston Minigun Machine Gun. A full ton of ammunition is exceedingly generous, given its low armor threshold.[2]


  • SRM – Some crews have eschewed cargo in favor of SRMs.[2]



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