David Munis

David Munis
Also known as"Blooddrinker"
AffiliationThe Blooddrinkers[1]
RankMajor (Presumed)[2]

David "Blooddrinker" Munis was a leader of the battalion-sized pirate band The Blooddrinkers.[1][2]


Leader of one of the many pirate bands to call the Rim Territories home, David Munis led his battalion-sized band The Blooddrinkers to conquer the world of Tsarahavana in December 3148. Initially meeting stiff resistance one of his captains attempted to retreat from the Militia past Munis. After Munis personally killed that captain for cowardice, the rest of the force grew a spine and regrouped, the world fell shortly afterwards. It is unknown what rank he ascribed to himself, but it is recorded his company commanders are captains, it would follow as a battalion commander he would assume the rank of Major.[1][2]


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