Deirdre Nakamura

Deirdre Nakamura
Deirdre Nakamura
AffiliationHouse Nakamura
SiblingsThree older brothers[1]

Deirdre Nakamura was an officer with the Draconis Combine.


In her youth, Deirdre Nakamura had displayed a keen intellect in school, and by the age of thirteen was an accomplished martial artist. Due to her family's social standing, she was able to enroll in the prestigious Wisdom of the Dragon military academy when she was eighteen years old, though a year later withdrew to travel across Luthien on a solo journey of self-discovery.[1]

Nakamura returned two years later with a desire to serve humanity and within weeks she was studying medicine at Luthien University. She graduated at the top of her class and enlisted in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery's medical corps, volunteering herself for combat duty. Her shipmates noted she was a mysterious, private individual with a cold, formal manner, though respected her professionalism and dedication to her field.[1]

In 3072 Nakamura was in the city of New Hannover on Arc-Royal as part of a book tour.[2]


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