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{{Update Needed|[[Jihad Hot Spots: Terra]], [[Jihad: Final Reckoning]], [[Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers]],  [[The Wars of Reaving]], [[Era Report: 3145]], [[Technical Readout: 3145 Free Worlds League]], [[Historical: Wars of the Republic Era]], [[Rock of the Republic]], and [[Experimental Technical Readout: Most Wanted]],[[Operational Turning Points: Capellan Crusades]]}}
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Devlin Stone at age 102
Devlin Stone
Born 3043
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Rank Exarch

Much of his origins unknown, Devlin Stone (b . 3043 - d. 31??) came to prominence during the Word of Blake Jihad, forming the coalition that ultimately defeated the Blakists, going onto become the founding Exarch of the Republic of the Sphere.



Little is known about the early life of Devlin Stone. ComStar had no records of his existence until the early 3070s, when he led an insurrection at a Word of Blake reeducation/prison camp (RBMU 105) on the world of Kittery[1]. It is in that prison camp that he came into contact with David Lear, son of Kai Allard-Liao. Through David, Devlin met many of the leaders of the Inner Sphere and some of the Clans. Stone prosecuted a hard-fought military campaign that culminated in the liberation of Terra in the 3080s. After the Word of Blake's Jihad was defeated, Stone struck a bargain with all of the Great Houses except the Capellan Confederation to cede control of some of their worlds nearest Terra so that Stone could create his own nation, the Republic of the Sphere. He proved that he had no problem using military force when he took the planets from the Capellans that they had refused to hand over.

A New Movement[edit]

In October of 3073, Stone met with ComStar Precentor Martial Victor Ian Steiner-Davion on Tukayyid, in a meeting arranged by David Lear. At that meeting, he and Lear laid out a philosophy which Victor would privately describe as "militant socialism keyed to altruism". Officials and authorities would have their assets placed in a blind trust. Public service would be rewarded. Greed and corruption would be punished. All weapons would be placed under the government control. They mutually agreed that the approach would be most effective on worlds liberated from the Blakists, where the pre-existing authority and structure had been all but completely eliminated, as was the case on the worlds of the Kittery Prefecture. Eventually, Victor agreed to help them by encouraging his allies - Peter Steiner-Davion, Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Hohiro Kurita among others - to flock to his banner.[2]

First Years[edit]

There were two social programs that would become historically to the Republic and Stone himself:

  • The Resettlement Act of 3082, in which through various incentive programs tried to mix the variety of cultures that existed within the Republic's claimed space, erasing old hatreds and biases by resettling key elements of the population from one world throughout the towns and cities of several others. The program took decades, but brought about the end of the factionalism so often thought responsible for outbreaks of war within the Inner Sphere.[3]
  • The Military Materiel Redemption Program, which grew out of the Citizenship Priority Decree of 3083. This plan worked to decommission BattleMechs and other tools of warfare, downsizing armies and removing any such material from the hands of private individuals, in exchange for the rights of citizenship and other socio-economic incentives.[3]

Later Years[edit]

Stone benevolently led the Republic of the Sphere as its Exarch until 3130, when he stepped down and handed rulership to Damien Redburn. He mysteriously disappeared soon after, promising to return again should he be needed. Shortly thereafter, the HPG network was knocked out, leading to Sphere-wide chaos.


In fact, Stone's disappearance was soon revealed that he was sleeping in cryogenic suspension, on Terra, the 11 August 3130. A man named John, a friend which had been with him since the camp of Kittery, help him to get ready. Before he was about to close his coffin, however, Stone killed his friend to make sure nobody knows his location.[4] Stone had expected to sleep during much more time, but that changed: Tucker Harwell, after uncovering CLARION CALL, the plan to make fall the HPG. Assuming all the Blackout was the work of Stone, Harwell searched for him and on April 1, 3145, awakened him. Stone denied the responsibility of the Blackout, however, and managed to convince Tucker to work for him as his assistant, a position formerly filled by David Lear.[5] The space inside the Fortress Republic was filled with unrest and protests, but Stone's returned to calm the people. With Stone's assuming the leadership of the Republic as Exarch again.[6] In 3146, after hearing about the news about Federated Sun's First Prince's Julian Davion's return to Federated space, Stone sent him an invitation to get inside the Fortress, and Julian agreed. On May 6, that same year, Stone met with Julian at Geneva, with Tucker at his side. Devlin made a deal with the Prince: giving him a full regiment of Davion-origin troops, the Dawn Guard and convince him to distract Daoshen Liao with an attack, in exchange for the latter's promise of additional military help. Julian agreed to maintain Harrison Davion's previous pact of mutual defense with the Republic.[7]

In 3149 Stone made good of his promise with Julian, making the Wall fall around the Fortress and launching Operation ERUPTIO, sowing chaos in Draconis Combine Space and helping the Suns to recover Robinson, the capital of the Draconis March. However, the same year, Fortress space was invaded with overwhelming force by the Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf.

By 3150, the Fortress was at the edge of collapse.[8]


There are many other theories concerning Stone's origin. Since he appears to have amnesia to his life prior to his actions on Kittery, and "Devlin Stone" is confirmed to be an alias he was using before his capture by the Blakists, it is possible even he does not know his own origins.

One theory advanced on the interweb on Robinson in 3071 was that Devlin Stone is actually Arthur Steiner-Davion, citing the circumstances of Arthur's alleged death, Devlin's abrupt resurfacing on Kittery without a known past, and the relative alacrity with which he was able to organize an anti-Jihad resistance and a post-Jihad Inner Sphere nation.[9]

Evidence gathered by Chandrasekhar Kurita's head of security Peter Abdulsattah suggested that his parents were likely Blakist technicians who defected from the Order at some point, so his distrust and hatred of the Word was likely family-rooted. He seemed to have been active in an anti-Blakist resistance movement called "Jerome's Truth" in 3067, and the few remaining members of that organization claimed he came to them soon after graduating from an unspecified military academy in the Federated Suns. It is likely that was when he started going by "Devlin Stone," though his reasons for doing so are unknown. [10]

Gordon Yang of SBC on Sian expounded the theory that Devlin Stone was a catspaw of the Word of Blake on his recurring show, Enemies of the State. Yang postulated that the Word of Blake was achieving what it wanted through Stone, namely domination over the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. Yang also claimed to have evidence of a genetic link between Devlin Stone and Hanse Davion.[11] In contrast, the Victoria News Network issued a broadcast on the 14th of December 3077 arguing that the Jihad in its entirety was a Steiner-Davion plot, with Devlin Stone either a puppet intended to put Victor Steiner-Davion on a throne on Terra as a new First Lord, or to rule in Victor's name.[12]

StarCorps Industries' intelligence elements indicated that while the computer core of the RBMU 105 camp was destroyed during Stone's uprising, a sizable portion of the camp's personnel rosters had been recovered. Among them were at least four men that roughly matched Stone's vital statistics:

  • James Pervu - a construction foreman from Gei-Fu
  • Christopher Sheldon - a lance commander in the Kittery Planetary Militia
  • Saul Miller - an AFFS administrative assistant last stationed on Tikonov
  • Jahn Prowell - a shipping captain from Sian

But even StarCorps admitted it was just as likely he was yet another unknown, his identity among the records lost.[13]


Devlin Stone's signature BattleMech was "Phantom", an Atlas II captured from the Blakist garrison on Kittery, featuring a highly distinctive black-and-white skeletal color scheme. [14]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Exarch of the Republic

Succeeded by
Damien Redburn



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