Dragonsbane Disposable Pulse Laser

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Dragonsbane Disposable Pulse Laser
Firearm Specifications
Manufacturer Hein Enterprises
Type Pulse Laser
Mass 7kg[1]
Magazine capacity 1


The Dragonsbane Disposable Pulse Laser is a shoulder-mounted, single-shot Pulse Laser support weapon designed to combat armored vehicles, including BattleMechs. The weapon was designed by Hein Enterprises for the Draconis Combine and includes an integrated targeting system and power supply. When the trigger is pulled, it fires a burst of 15 high-intensity laser pulses after which its firing core and optics are burned out. Despite its limited range, the Dragonsbane is popular for its light weight and heavy-hitting power among Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery troops and anyone else able to illegally procure one.[2]


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