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This is an alphabetical list of fictional drugs (in the sense of usually illicit narcotics) in the [[BattleTech]] universe. All known real-world drugs such as [[w:alcohol|alcohol]], [[w:Caffeine|caffeine]], [[w:Nicotine|nicotine]], [[w:Cannabis (drug)|cannabis]]/[[w:Hashish|hashish]], [[w:cocaine|cocaine]], [[w:Heroin|Heroin]], [[w:amphetamine|amphetamines]], [[w:methamphetamine|methamphetamines]], [[w:Phencyclidine|phencyclidine]], [[w:LSD|LSD]], etc. exist in the BattleTech universe as well.
#REDIRECT[[:Category:Drugs and poisons]]
An addictive drug produced on [[Ashio]], Brace eases tension and stress. Sold in small cylinders that hold a vapor injection mechanism.<ref>''Epaulet Mate'', pp. 56, 57</ref>
Addictive narcotic substance which heightens the user's senses when burned, users experience deep depression as they come down.<ref name=HMTWL-130>''House Marik (The Free Worlds League)'', p. 130 "Man-TLE"</ref>
A favored battle stimulant used by [[House Kurita]] around the time of the [[First Succession War|First]] and [[Second Succession War]]s.<ref name=HKTDC-64>''House Kurita (The Draconis Combine)'', p. 64 "History - Second Succession War - Chain Gang Missions"</ref>
Also referred to as "KZ", "KrayZee", or "Krazy", K-Z is a very expensive, very potent drug that, once ingested or injected, remains active in the user's system for a long time (around 10 hours). It is described as a "highly dangerous depressant".<ref>''Mercenary's Handbook'', p. 95 (Gerald Walker entry)</ref>
A logic drug of which the [[NAIS]] has proprietary ownership, LD-512 increases the cognitive powers and focus of the human brain, at the cost of intense headaches and nausea after the drug wears off after no more than three hours.<ref name="CE82">''Combat Equipment'', p. 82</ref>
Samples of this drug have appeared on black markets in the [[Free Worlds League]] and the [[Capellan Confederation]], and allegedly [[Clan Diamond Shark]] merchants have provided [[Clan Coyote]] with a large shipment as of September [[3067]].<ref name="CE82"/>
Illegal drug; context suggests it to be a rather mild drug, at least compared to other illicit drugs.<ref name="PoA">''Pledges of Allegiance'', p.??{{cn}}</ref> It was developed in the 2990s by [[Nashan Pharmaceuticals]] as a super-stimulant to allow troops to fight with minimal rest. Most commonly found throughout [[Lyran Commonwealth|Lyran]], [[Federated Suns]], [[Taurian Concordat]] and [[Magistracy of Canopus]] space.<ref name="CE81">''Combat Equipment'', p. 81</ref>
A combat drug invented in the [[Capellan Confederation]], Rage is popular among the [[Warrior Houses]], but also among [[ComStar]], [[Word of Blake]] and [[Azami]] operatives.<ref name="CE81"/>
A very potent performance enhancer greatly improving response times, but reduces fine motor control and focus. Frequently found in black markets in the [[Chaos March]] and on [[Solaris VII]], but has also appeared in the Draconis Combine, the [[Outworlds Alliance]] and reportedly even among the [[Clans]].<ref name="CE82"/>
Rules-wise, Spazz induces the "Madness/Paranoia" trait for its duration.<ref name="CE82"/>
Illegal drug that has to be injected and remains active in the user's system for about two hours.<ref>''Combat Equipment'', p. 80</ref> Mentioned to be "bad".<ref name="PoA"/>
Rules on drugs and listings of substances and their in-game effects can be found in ''[[Combat Equipment]]'', pp. 78-82 (MISCELLANEOUS GEAR AND RULES: Drugs) and most recently in ''[[A Time of War]]'', pp. 317-321.
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