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Eden Serpent

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Eden Serpent
Creature information
Type Flying reptile
Homeworld Eden
Average mass ???
Average length ???
Average height ???
Creature stats
System ???
STR ???
BOD ???
DEX ???
RFL ???
WIL ???
EDG ???
Traits ???
Skills ???
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack ???

The Eden Serpent[1] is a flying reptile found on the planet Eden in the Kerensky Cluster.


The Eden Serpent is a large, venomous winged reptile native to the planet Eden. Because the Eden Serpent posed a significant threat to colonization, the Jade Falcon was genetically engineered and introduced to Eden by SLDF scientists to prey on the Eden Serpent when Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus fleet settled the Pentagon Worlds.[2]


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