Eloise Grady

Eloise Grady
Affiliation Hanseatic Security Force
Profession Senior Officer

Eloise Grady (b. ???? - d. ????) was a senior officer in the Hanseatic Security Force.[1]


At some point between 3064 and 3067 Eloise Grady was appointed the senior Captain-General of Regional Defense Force 5, one of six combined-arms brigades within the Hanseatic Security Force, the military arm of the Deep Periphery state known as the Hanseatic League. Eloise was at least partly a political appointee; her promotion was ordered by Albert Snow, the former commanding officer of RDF 1 and the newly-appointed commanding officer of the entire HSF.[2]

Eloise replaced Jonas Were as commanding officer; RDF 5 had been consistently short of supplies for some time by this point, partly due to a lack of tithes from the worlds of the Anti-Spinward region of the Hanseatic League, but also because of Jonas' failure to make up the difference between the tithes and RDF 5's supply needs out of his own pocket, as protocol demanded. In fact, rumors were rife that Jonas had actually been keeping a share of the diminished tithe payments to line his own pockets, rather than passing the whole amount on to support RDF 5.[1]

While Eloise's appointment to command RDF 5 made her something of a political figurehead, it also served as an object lesson, confirming that Albert Snow wouldn't brook dissent against his commands. However, Eloise's control over RDF 5 was limited; the unit was actually largely managed by Major Aimee, a former MechWarrior from Clan Smoke Jaguar who had been sponsored into the HSF and up through the ranks by the Were family. With Jonas gone, Aimee's influence within RDF 5 grew, leaving her effectively managing the brigade.[2]

However, by 3076 that had changed; as Snow became more concerned with the threat from the Clans - possibly due in part due to a Clan Ice Hellion raid on Antwerp in 3073 that was fought off by RDF 2 at significant cost - he became a leading voice in demands for the Hansa to cease activities within Nueva Castile to better concentrate on the Clan threat, and conducted a sweep through the HSF, removing all former Clan personnel from the rolls. The most high-profile person to be removed from the HSF was Aimee.[3]


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