Executive Order 156


Executive Order 156 was Richard Cameron's first official act as First Lord of the Star League, issued a week after he turned 18 on February 6, 2762. It commanded the disbandment of all Great House armies and private military forces, and outlawed any weapon larger than a laser rifle or more destructive than a grenade. It was first reviewed by Aleksandr Kerensky, the Commanding General of the SLDF and former Regent, who admired the sentiment but said it would be impossible to enforce. Despite Kerensky's misgivings, Richard released the order on the advice of his close friend and adviser, Stefan Amaris. The House Lords were outraged by this attempt to ban their own military forces, and claimed the Order was illegal. During an emergency High Council meeting, at which Amaris and Kerensky were also present, General Kerensky defused the situation by agreeing with the High Lords that the order violated the oaths he took to defend the Star League and the uniqueness of each member state. Richard Cameron meekly signed a counterorder repealing Executive Order 156. The humiliation he felt from Kerensky's public disapproval of his efforts at peace would create a rift in Richard's relationship with the general and drive the young leader further under the influence of Amaris.[1]


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