A Flight, also known as an Air Lance or simply a Lance, is typically the smallest grouping of air assets in the Inner Sphere military structure. It consists of a pair of aerospace fighters or Conventional Fighters.[1] Originating with the Star League Defense Force, the flight is common to most armies and mercenary units.[2][3][4][5] Although not a formal part of their military structure, the Com Guards and Word of Blake Militia also pair their fighters together.[6]


For the Capellan Confederation, the equivalent unit is an Element and may consist of two or three fighters; known as a triple, the latter was adopted for its increased defensive abilities and serves as the command element for a wing. Formally, a Flight in the CCAF is composed of two Squadrons and averages twelve fighters total, making it equivalent to an aero-company.[7]

Within the Draconis Combine, a Flight is equivalent to a Squadron, composed of three Air Lances for a total of six fighters.[8]


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