Franz Vohwinkel

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Franz Vohwinkel
Born 1964
Occupation Artist
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Franz Vohwinkel (born 1964) is a German artist. Born in Munich, he gradated from the University of Darmstadt in 1991 with a degree in graphic design. He first sci-fi work was for the Magic: The Gathering card game. Success there led him to the BattleTech Collectible Card Game and artwork for BattleTech in general. He has contributed his talents to Dungeons and Dragons products, Warlord, Legends of the Five Rings, WarCry, Warhammer 40K, Horus Heresy, A Game of Thrones, and a number of book covers. He and his wife Imelda currently live in Seattle, Washington.

Vohwinkel was a principal artist for the BattleTech Collectible Card Game. His work also includes the covers of the Handbook series of sourcebooks and interior illustrations for many BattleTech books.

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