Free Worlds League

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Crest of the Free Worlds League
Free Worlds League
Faction Profile
Time period: 2271 – present
Classification: Successor State
Controlled systems: 330+
Capital world: Atreus
Ruler title: Captain-General
Military: (de-centralized)
Secret Service: SAFE

The Free Worlds League is one of the five Successor States of the Inner Sphere. Its capital is Atreus and the League is ruled by House Marik.

The Free Worlds League is notable as the first successor state founded in the Inner Sphere. It is multicultural, with strong European, American and Indian influences. It also traditionally offered great autonomy to its component regions, like the Duchy of Oriente, Principality of Regulus, and Duchy of Andurien.


The League's history is wracked with considerable internal tensions punctuated by several vicious civil wars and tensions along its eastern border; the League gained considerable territory at the expense of a vengeful Capellan Confederation.

The invasion of the Clans in Operation Revival in 3049 changed the role of the League in the Inner Sphere considerably.

As one of the two untouched and—until Operation Serpent—uninvolved nations in the war, the Free Worlds League gained the status of economic powerhouse of the Inner Sphere, selling huge amounts of materials, ranging from food to Mechs, to other factions in need. It often received captured advanced Clan technology in exchange. Near the end of 3067, the Free Worlds League had a space navy that greatly outpaced those of the other Successor States.

However the schism between ComStar and the Word of Blake would strongly affect the League, and ultimatly destroy it.

Choosing in favor of the Blakists and removing ComStar personel from the interstellar communication facilities the League was repaid with treachery.

After the Word of Blake Jihad, the Free Worlds League dissolved and was torn apart by several competing factions, some of which tried to re-unite it. For decades these factions fought each other while the Lyrian Commonwealth, taking advantage of the whole mess, conquered several worlds at its borders.

Jessica Marik, daughter of the false Thomas Marik, engineered the reformation of the Free Worlds League. She reinforced her claim to House Marik's legacy by marrying Thaddeus Marik, scion of the line of Alys Rousset-Marik. She largely succeeded in her reformation plan and was proclaimed Captain-General of the reformed Free Worlds League on July 3, 3139.


The Free Worlds League has a strong emphasis on combined-arms tactics, with almost all of their regiments featuring a large number of infantry, armor, and aerospace assets, as well as one of the largest navies in the Inner Sphere. The focus on BattleMechs, however, does exist within their elite regiments, including the Knights of the Inner Sphere.


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