Freedom Day

Freedom Day, 18 March, was a Republic of the Sphere holiday commemorating Devlin Stone's escape from a Word of Blake reeducation camp on Kittery.[1]


Shortly after the establishment of the Republic, calls for a holiday honoring Devlin Stone began. Senator Leslie Brahe spearheaded the effort, beginning in 3086 with a proposal for a holiday commemorating Stone's birthday - a proposal Stone rejected both out of opposition to a holiday and due to not having a known birthday. Undeterred by Stone's opposition to a holiday, Brahe organized a grassroots movement across the Republic to commemorate Stone's Kittery escape, and by 3100, all Republic worlds recognized Freedom Day in some form.[1]

After Stone's retirement, his successor as Exarch, Damien Redburn, formally recognized Freedom Day on 18 March 3131.[1][2] With recognition came standardization. Under Redburn, the official cross-Republic Freedom Day procedures included morning parades, afternoon speeches and tri-vid programs, and an evening fireworks and laser show accompanied by joyous music.[1]


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