Gamma 1301 LW

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Gamma 1301 LW
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System Information

The Gamma 1301 LW system was an uninhabited periphery system along the Exodus Road. No details are known about the system, and the number or spectral class of its sun(s) as well as the number of planets (if any) was not specified.[1] Context suggests it to lie no more than two or three jumps from Gamma 12901 FQ, Gamma 25098 3W, and Gamma 1551 AW (aka Barbados).

As per 20 June 2824 it was used as a stopover and recharging system by the Rough Rider, the flagship of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky's Grand Fleet in pursuit of Clan Wolverine, who attempted to secede from the Clans and return to the Inner Sphere. By this time, the Grand Fleet had been chasing (or so they believed) the Wolverines towards the Inner Sphere for eight months, suggesting Gamma 1301 LW to lie between roughly thirty-two and thirty-five jumps from the Clan homeworlds when traveling back along the Exodus Road, though further away from the Inner Sphere than Wayside which was mentioned as a waypoint further down the Exodus Road (from the Clan homeworlds).

Debris from the original Exodus Fleet was found in the system.

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
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