Gamma 25098 3W

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Gamma 25098 3W
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System Information

The Gamma 25098 3W system was an uninhabited periphery system along the Exodus Road. No details are known about the system, and the number or spectral class of its sun(s) as well as the number of planets (if any) was not specified. However, a fleet arriving at the zenith jump point was able to notice drive plumes from another fleet at the nadir jump point, suggesting there was no sun on a direct line between the two jump points (in turn suggesting the system had multiple suns moving around an empty centerpoint).[1] It is one jump away from Gamma 1551 AW (aka Barbados), and context suggests it to lie no more than two jumps from Gamma 1301 LW and Gamma 12901 FQ.

On 27 June 2824 a scout detachment from Clan Wolverine (who were in the process of seceding from the Clans and returning to the Inner Sphere) arrived at Gamma 25098 3W's zenith jump point and detected that another fleet had just jumped away from the nadir jump point. Alerted to the presence of what they deducted was the pursuing Grand Fleet of the Clans, saKhan Trish Ebon ordered the Saratoga to jump to Barbados and warn the bulk of the fleeing Clan Wolverine. Tragically, a jump drive malfunction on the Saratoga prevented it from jumping out. Orders to leave no ship behind meant it had to be repaired before the scout fleet could move on to Barbados, where they arrived to find the aftermath of a large battle that had effectively destroyed Clan Wolverine.

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Barbados unknown


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