Gorraine Centrella

Celine Centrella
Character Profile
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Magestrix
Parents Curtis Yakubu (presumed father)
Rinalla Centrella (mother)
Siblings Celine Centrella

Gorraine Centrella was a twenty-seventh-century Magestrix of Canopus, Gorraine was narrowly defeated in the election to succeed her mother Carla but elected two years later when her sister Celine died in an accident.[1]


Early life

Gorraine started her reign on a sour note, purging the Central Committee of those who had voted against her election two years previously. However, she made solid choices in replacing those she had expelled and was remembered for a program of interstellar exploration that expanded the Magistracy.

Gorraine's air transport vanished mysteriously in a remote region of Adhara and the wreckage of the vessel was discovered three years later. The day of her disappearance is an official holiday on Canopus, in her memory.


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