Grenade Launcher

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Grenade Launcher
Production information
Type Ballistic
Tech Base IS/Clan[1]
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight
Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings A[2]/B[2]/B[2]
Technical specifications
Damage .57 (.27)[2]
Short Range 1[2]
Mass 5[1] kg
Mass Per Reload 4.5kg (10)[1]
Cost (unloaded) 465[2]
BV (2.0) 1.4[3]


The Grenade Launcher is a common infantry support weapon, able to fire grenades over a much longer distance than can be thrown. In appearance like an oversized shotgun, and can fire a wide variety of grenades, including anti-personnel, flare, flash, gas, high-explosive, inferno, smoke and stun rounds. Ammunition is stored in either an internal magazine or a removable drum magazine.[4]



Item: Grenade Launcher[5]
Equipment Rating: C/A-B-B/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (B)
Range: 20/55/130/200 meters
Shots: 20
Cost/Reload: 450/*
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 5kg/4.5kg
Notes: -


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