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== Featured characters ==
== Featured characters ==
* [[Michael Griffin]]
* [[Lindsey Baxter]]
* [[Tara Campbell]]
== Featured BattleTech ==
== Featured BattleTech ==

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Grey Watch Protocol (Cover).png
Grey Watch Protocol
Product information
Type Novel
Author Michael Ciaravella
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35876SN
First published 26 June 2020
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 30 September - 28 November 3150
Series The Highlander Covenant

Grey Watch Protocol is the first in a series of novels that was announced by way of a three sample chapters at the end of the 2019 release of Redemption Rift.

From the back cover

Grey Watch Protocol The Highlander Covenant, Book One By Michael J. Ciaravella

Surrounded by the Enemy...

In the 32nd Century, the Republic of the Sphere is beset on all sides, its enemies seeking the most important weapon in the Inner Sphere: interstellar communication. As the forces of the Capellan Confederation advance toward the heart of the crumbling Republic, they are laser-focused on the one goal that will give them the upper hand and help destroy the Republic once and for all: the planet of Northwind.

Homeworld of the famed Northwind Highlanders mercenaries, Northwind represents not only the site of a century-old betrayal, but it boasts the only working hyperpulse generator along the line of the Confederation's advance. Sang-shao Lindsey Baxter and the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry have been tasked with taking Northwind at all costs, and the besieged Republic is unable to lend further support to the defending XII Hastati Sentinels. Northwind will be easy pickings, and other sharks smell blood in the water. The Highlanders' honor remains strong, but will it be enough to survive the coming storm?

Plot summary

This novel is set to feature the Northwind Highlanders defending their homeworld from the Capellan Confederation.

Featured characters

Featured BattleTech

Featured planets