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*''[[House Marik (The Free Worlds League)]]''
*''[[House Marik (The Free Worlds League)]]''
[[Category:Mercenary Commands|The Head Hunters]]
[[Category:Mercenary Commands|Head Hunters]]

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The Head Hunters.jpg
Head Hunters: Sword of Orloff
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Major Sharon Karasek
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


The Head Hunters were once a regiment sized unit. After fighting with the Black Warriors in 2914, they were shortened to a battalion sized unit. With help from the Free Worlds League (Orloff Military Academy) they retrained and re-equipped. During the Marik Civil War they fought as a loyalist unit against Anton Marik's forces. They fought on Sophie's World, but retreated when the 1st Atrean Dragoons were savaged by Wolf's Dragoons Alpha and Delta regiments.[1] They later partnered with the Home Guard regiment to inflict heavy losses on the 5th Regulan Hussars on Holt.[2] The Head Hunters savaged the Hussars' command company, forcing the unit to leave the world. They then pursued the 3rd Marik Militia to Park Place. Along with the Home Guard and 15th Marik Militia the Head Hunters forced the Third Militia to surrender.[3]

They showed their reliability again in the Andurien Secession under Duncan Marik, fighting on Xanthe III. Landing on Xanthe, they faced the 3rd Defenders of Andurien and 5th Defenders of Andurien. Fortunately they were joined by the loyal 10th Marik Militia and the 15th Marik Militia. They were not held in high regard by the regular forces, but they were the largest command after several strikes by the Defenders of Andurien.[4] The Andurien campaign cost them half of their force. Once reinforcements arrived on Xanthe, the Head Hunters relocated to Vanra to rebuild.[5]

The LCCC misunderstood the gift of the Duke of Orloff to the Head Hunters in form of refit kits. The FWLM accused them of theft, claiming they stole the equipment but the Duke protected them in offering contacts to their new employee. These charges caused the Head Hunters to leave in the mid-3060s, ending a century and a half of loyal service. The Marian Hegemony signed the unit to a contract.[6]

The Hegemony tasked them with the defense of Lummatii[7], a former Lothian League planet. Initially they were assigned to protect the world against pirates. On this world a well supplied rebel force made life difficult for the Head Hunters. The mercenaries were ill-equipped to handle an insurrection, and suffered heavy losses from ambushes. The MAF were unhappy with this situation and accused the command of not fighting hard enough. The Head Hunters contended that the insurrection must have received help from off-world sources, and they weren't equipped to deal with the insurgents anyway. They requested a MAF Special Forces unit be assigned to the world to deal with the insurrection.[8]


Alexander Chu was the commanding officer in the late Succession Wars period.[6]

As of 3067 Major Sharon Karasek leads the command and is a former student of the Orloff Military Academy, like every other unit member.[6]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Major Rosina Cowley.[9]


The Hunters are experts in small unit combat and prefer urban terrain (offensive/defensive) for combat.[6]


They posses no DropShip transports and cover 60% of their maintenance needs with their own technicians.[6]

Composition History


Head Hunters (Green/Questionable)[10]

  • CO: Major Bruce Chu


Head Hunters (1 Battalion/Green/Questionable)[6]

  • CO/Able Company: Major Sharon Karasek
  • XO/Bravo Company: Captain Jack Sterling
  • Charlie Company: Captain Jacob Best

The smallest segment is a section of two 'Mechs for mutual support. A company usually contains two demi–companies or six sections. Many fast designs of medium weight are employed.


Head Hunters (1 Battalion/Regular/Questionable)[9]

  • CO: Major Rosina Cowley[9]
- As of 3145 the Head Hunters were an "E"-rated mercenary command, operating at eighty percent of full strength. The Head Hunters were based in the Reykavis system.[9]



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