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(diff) ← Older revision | Latest revision (diff) | Newer revision → (diff) runs MediaWiki software to enable anyone in the BattleTech community to contribute to the website.

Quick Help[edit]

Recommend reading:

  1. First, review the official MediaWiki Editing Guide to learn how to edit a wiki. You can also check out the whole MediaWiki Help Contents.
  2. Next, learn about MediaWiki's Wikitext Syntax (wiki != HTML). You can also print out a Wikitext Reference Card
  3. Play around in Help:Sandbox. This article is meant to be used for testing.
  4. Finally, please contribute to the BattleTech Wiki!

Getting Started[edit]

What To Contribute[edit]

Whatever you want! Contribute anything that comes to mind.

However, if you want some guidance, there are To-Do and Wanted lists.


  1. Policy:Article Naming
  2. Policy:Assume good faith
  3. Policy:BattleTech Essays
  4. Policy:Be bold
  5. Policy:Canon
  6. Policy:Consensus
  7. Policy:Copyrights
  8. Policy:Disruptive editing
  9. Policy:Editing
  10. Policy:Fanon
  11. BattleTechWiki:General disclaimer
  12. Policy:Images
  13. Policy:Libel
  14. Category:Manual of Style
  15. Policy:Manual of Style
  16. Policy:Moratorium
  17. Policy:Neutral point of view
  18. Policy:No legal threats
  19. Policy:No personal attacks
  20. Policy:Notability
  21. BattleTechWiki:Policies, Essays, Procedures & Projects
  22. Template:Policy
  23. Policy:Privacy
  24. Policy:Sign your posts on talk pages
  25. Policy:Talk page
  26. Help:Template gallery
  27. Category:Uncompleted Policies
  28. Policy:Vandalism
  29. Policy:Year Pages

External Resources[edit]

Official MediaWiki Help[edit]

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