Hesperus Guards

Insignia of the original Hesperus Guards
Hesperus Guards
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation LCAF
Formed 2755

The Hesperus Guards brigade was a late Star League Era regional BattleMech Brigade that was mustered by clerical accident to defend the Hesperus II region of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


Star League Era[edit]

Formed in or around 2755, the Hesperus Guards brigade was formed by the Quartermaster of LCAF as the result of an administrative accident, followed by a somewhat bizarre bout of internal politics within the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. The Hesperus Guards began with a clerical accident, in which the Ninth Tamar Marines were assigned to briefly guard a Defiance Industries operation on Hesperus II and were accidentally renamed to the Ninth Hesperus Guards in the process. Despite this being an obvious error in nomenclature, it resulted not in the Ninth Hesperus Guards being renamed back to the Ninth Tamar Marines, but rather in the formation of a new brigade dedicated to defending the Hesperus system and nearby worlds. This reorganization resulted in a remarkable level of animosity between those regiments forcibly assigned to new identities as regiments of the Hesperus Guards and the Quartermaster's staff, who the regiments viewed as being responsible for the changes, and this animosity posed a significant issue for the LCAF in the decade after the Hesperus Guards brigade was created.[1]

By 2765, two of the three regiments of the brigade were still suffering from severe morale problems. For the Fourth Hesperus Guards, this was due to a feeling of having been forcibly divorced from their heritage and their homeworld - the Fourth Hesperus Guards having originally been Second Freedom People's Defense Regiment, a unit created in the fires of the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the resulting conflict with the Terran Alliance, and both the only surviving regiment of its original brigade and possibly the oldest surviving regiment in service anywhere outside the Terran Hegemony or Star League at the time of the reorganization.[1] For the Ninth Hesperus Guards, the problem was more an ingrained, sullen resentment over the disbandment of the Tamar Marines brigade lingering on, accompanied by continued animosity towards the LCAF Quartermaster's organization.[1]

The only unit within the Hesperus Guards to take the transition largely in its stride was the Sixth Hesperus Guards, formerly the Sixth Tamar Marines, which continued to act as a cadre unit, training inexperienced soldiers before they rotated out to join other commands.[1] In 2782 the Hesperus Guards expanded with the addition of a fourth regiment, the Eleventh Hesperus Guards, founded from a regiment of Star League Defense Force personnel recruited from the Sixty-eighth Infantry Division. The Sixty-eighth had been a part of XLIII Corps[2] within the SLDF Seventeenth Army.[3][2]

Succession Wars Era[edit]

Like so many brigades during this era, the Hesperus Guards would be lost in fire of the Succession Wars.[4]

Dark Age Era[edit]

In 3137, a single regiment of the Hesperus Guards was formed as a combined arms unit: the First Hesperus Guards. Established by the ruler of Hesperus II, Duke Vedet Brewer, Brewer intended the First to owe its loyalties to him alone. The First Guards led the fight in Operation HAMMERFALL against the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey, which proved the regiment's mettle.[5] The creation of the First didn't lead to the reactivation of the Hesperus Guards brigade; instead, the First Hesperus Guards were rolled into the Commonwealth Guards brigade.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Hesperus Guards


Different per Unit.

Units of the Hesperus Guards[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

Its insignia is of a orange Eagle on top of a downward facing trident.[1]


  • As of 2765, the Hesperus Guards had access to the lowest tier of equipment available for the LCAF of its era.[7]


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