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Hibernia nearby systems (3151)
Hibernia nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 967.683 : 219.345[e]

The Hibernia system was home to at least one habitable world or construct, and as of 3095 was located in the New Delphi Compact.[1]

System Description

The Hibernia system is located in the Spinward sector of the Deep Periphery close to the Belgae and New Delphi systems[1] and was home to between one and three habitable planets.[2]

System History

The twelve worlds of the New Delphi Compact to have been settled by the end of the thirty-first century were colonized in two waves; the first wave, between 2587 and 2602, was by colonists originally from the Outworlds Alliance and Taurian Concordat who had fled the Reunification War, and saw eight worlds colonized in a fifteen-year period with the first being New Delphi. Four more worlds had been colonized by 2752, with a second wave of colonists arriving in the New Delphi Compact in the aftermath of the Periphery Uprising and the Amaris Coup launched by Stefan Amaris in the 2760s.[2] It has not been confirmed in canon whether Hibernia was home to one or more of the worlds colonized during the initial period of colonization or later.

Political Affiliation

Planetary History

In common with the other worlds of the New Delphi Compact, ninety percent of the population of Hibernia lived an agricultural lifestyle maintained by technology of an equivalent to that found on Terra in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, a consequence of the heavy influence of the Omniss philosophy within the Compact. For the majority of the population, exposure to more advanced technology was limited to some pest control technology and power generators, and it was unlikely they would ever travel further than fifty kilometers from where they were born; for a minority of the population, working in the fields of medicine, government or in space, more advanced technology was available, broadly comparable to Inner Sphere technology of a twenty-sixth century level. Lacking access to HPG technology, communication from outside Hibernia was only possible via JumpShip.[2]

In common with all of the other worlds within the Compact, the family of extremely dangerous and aggressive viruses known collectively as the Delphi Curse was an active presence in the system, and despite the centuries-long efforts of the Delphian Virus Research and Immunization Institute (VRII) the Curse continued to prove fatal to approximately ten percent of the Hibernians who contracted it - although this mortality rate was dramatically lower than the eighty to ninety percent mortality rate amongst those from outside the Compact who were exposed.[3]

Closest 20 systems (9 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Belgae 14.5 New Delphi 16.0 Halkidik 22.6 Karpathos 24.8
Dania 28.3 Thasos 29.4 Anglia 30.4 Helvetia 33.0
Lemnos 35.2 Rover 144.9 Pilon 190.3 Boulsi 191.8
Thazi 196.0 Rest Stop 197.8 New Sierra 200.9 Richmond's World 203.6
La Ligua 213.7 Maripa 214.0 Carmelita 219.0 Wokha 222.1


The New Delphi Compact is described as incorporating twelve inhabited worlds spread across ten systems as of 3095, and appears to have remained stable at this level for four centuries;[2] this means that all of the systems had at least one inhabited world, and that either two systems had two inhabited worlds, or one system within the Compact was home to three inhabited planets. The New Delphi Compact was introduced in Interstellar Expeditions: Interstellar Players 3 in 2012.


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