Hopper Morrison

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Hopper Morrison
Character Profile
Affiliation Morrison's Extractors
Black Warriors
Rank Pirate leader
Profession MechWarrior

King Hopper Morrison was the founder of Morrison's Extractors, one of the most rapacious pirate bands in the thirty-first century.

Physical description

Morrison was described as a tall and gaunt man. He keeps his thick, black hair in a short buzz, with a small gold crow tattooed on his right cheek, and wears dark leathers and carries a Star League-era pistol on his hip.[1]


Morrison began his career as a company commander in the Black Warriors Pirate group, of the Circinus Federation, until the year 3032, when his men stumbled on a small cache of lostech on an isolated planet while resting there between raids. Though it wasn't a major find, the cache included BattleMechs, some of them of Star League-era technology. Rather than return to the Federation with their booty, Morrison and his battalion defected, keeping the contents and founding Morrison's Extractors, an independent pirate group.[2]

By 3059, Morrison became determined to shatter or dominate the worlds of the Rim Collection. The mercenary group Able's Aces were his main obstacle, but he managed to recruit two of them. On the battle of Birdsong Ridge, on planet Caldarium, his forces ambushed and destroyed a full company of the Aces, with aerial support, scavenging the destroyed machines and even recruiting one of the traitors, Benjamin Rassor, giving him an OmniMech Mad Cat, the price of his betrayal.[3]

However, a later attack by the Extractors against Gillfillan's Gold, the Rim's capital, failed. Major Jerry Able, leader of the Aces, suspected that Hopper had become ambitious and his attacks were not for looting, but for political means. By playing individual planets against the others or even making them pay for protection, they would make the Aces lose this contract or even shatter the Collection.[4]

But Hopper's plans failed: the Aces attracted the pirates to an ambush in Gillfillan's Gold, defeating them, and later followed them to The Rack, liberating the planet and destroying most of the extractors. However, Hopper's King Crab escaped from the battle, and apparently escaped from the planet thanks to a hidden Leopard class DropShip.[5]


Morrison was a greedy, ruthless and cruel man, and was considered the perfect pirate lord, fearless in battle, but fighting only when he believes doing so will yield considerable profit. His determination to acquire large wealth is said to be possibly to compensate for a childhood spent in poverty. Some rumors hint than Morrison is mentally unstable, though he had no problems commanding his band. Besides, Morrison can be very cunning, as his recruitment of two Able's Aces proved.


Hopper Morrison piloted a King Crab.[6].


  • Morrison always carries a neural whip.
  • Most of the fierce reputation of the Extractors was due to the natural cruelty of Morrison himself.


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