Intek Laser Rifle

Intek Laser Rifle
Intek Laser Rifle
Firearm Specifications


The Intek Laser Rifle is known especially for its energy efficiency, as it is capable of firing twice as many shots from the same power pack as any other laser rifle. However, each shot is also weaker than one from a normal Laser Rifle.[1]

Inteks are popular with scouts and other military personnel operating without reliable access to supplies. The rifle remained the longest-ranged laser rifle in the Inner Sphere until the introduction of the Starfire.[1]



Item: Intek Laser Rifle
Equipment Rating: D/X-D-D/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4E/3
Range: 80/275/550/1200 meters
Power Points per Shot: 2
Cost: 1250
Affiliation: FWL
Mass: 5kg
Notes: -



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