Irenna Liao

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Irenna Liao
Character Profile
Born 2218[1]
Died 2269
Affiliation House Liao
Position President
Profession Noble
Parents Victor Liao (father)[1]
Siblings Julliette Liao
Children Martell Liao
Justine Liao

Irenna Liao was the third Governor of Liao and first President of the Liao Republic.


Early politics[edit]

After her father's death in 2240, she became the first president of the planet Liao.

Her first act was to proclaim the planet a sovereign state, renouncing the colonial status it bore for the past 50 years. She then started making social changes that collectively changed the planet from an agricultural backwater into a highly efficient and visible center of a feudal dynasty.

Abrogating the original charter governing the planet since its founding, Irenna substituted a new mandate granting herself, among other things, the right to name her own successor. In addition, the new mandate permitted every person to choose their own marriage customs, enforced within the confines of extended family groups. This provision was meant to encourage immigration by portraying the Liao's favorable and relaxed atmosphere, but it also set the stage for additional provisions that added to the power of the family and the Liao family in particular.

Expanding the family's possessions[edit]

Irenna Liao took a page from the book of old English Queen Elizabeth and engaged in a game of diplomacy through marriage. There was one difference, however, as unlike the queen which invented the tactic, she married a lot of consorts in a short amount of time.

This game of "husband for a month" yielded confusing, but beneficial results. Irenna gained possessions of rather sizable fortunes she demanded from her numerous husbands in the form of endowments by them which ranged from money, land, or equipment to men. These numerous "anniversary gifts" were typically turned over to the control of the Liao planetary government, membership in which Irenna had pointedly excluded her husbands from. Of course, once the men married her, she had little use for them and tried to avoid them as much as possible.


Out of all those marriages, Irenne only had two children: Martell Liao and Justine Liao.

It is unknown what happened to Justine, but Martell succeeded Irenne as the President of Liao according to the House Liao family tree.[2]


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