Isesakian Kodama

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Isesakian Kodama AToWC.PNG
Isesakian Kodama
Creature information
Type Marsupial
Homeworld Isesaki[1]
Environment Forests[1]
Average mass 24 kg [2]


The Isesakian Kodama is a species of marsupial found in the forests of Isesaki. Herbivores, the kodama generally keep to their trees, their thousands-large packs spread two or three animals to each tree. They can be recognized through the black face-like patterns in their fur.[1]

When threatened, they respond strongly, calling their packs to swarm and kill any attacker. Reportedly, this extended as far as slaughtering the entire population of the town of Gina after one resident kicked a kodama. Due to the danger, most of Isesaki's predators avoid the kodama, and the planet's human residents often give them free reign.[1]


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