Ivan Steiner

Ivan Steiner
Born 3001[1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Profession General
Parents Jack Milby (father)[2]
Nondi Steiner (mother)[2]
Siblings Lisa Steiner II[2]
Richard Steiner[2]
Spouse Jacqueline Brewer[1]
Children Luther Steiner-Brewer[1]

Ivan Steiner was the oldest son of Nondi Steiner and an officer in the LCAF.


First Royal Guards

By 3025 Ivan was a company commander in the First Royal Guards.[2]

Lyran Guards Brigade

Ivan would eventually be the commander of the Lyran Guards Brigade in 3057. He led the command with mixed success.[3]

His good connection through the marriage to the daughter of the CEO of Defiance Industries of Hesperus granted him a position with high influence though.[3]


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