James Devon

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James Devon
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession Armor Officer

James Devon was a Star Commander from the Rasalhague Dominion that fought during the Dark Age.[1]


After the Draconis Combine lost Mualang to the Rasalhague Dominion during the Second Combine-Dominion War, it tried to subsequently launch an attempt to recapture the planet in 3110. Deploying a task force drawn from several formations led by elements from the Sword of Light for the attack, the Combine attempt was unsuccessful.

During those battles, the actions of Star Commander James, a trueborn from House Devon who piloted a Kite Reconnaissance Vehicle and commanded of the Ghost Bear artillery forces. During the battle, James flew his Kite into the thick of the fighting, destroying three Combine 'Mechs himself while calling in artillery fire and disrupting communications to the extent that he single-handedly neutralized the Combine command 'Mech for much of the battle.

For his actions, he was sponsored for the Devon Bloodname. The Mualang battle marked the beginning of James climb to the rank of Galaxy Commander within the Ghost Bear touman.[1]

He earned the command of Kappa Galaxy that he lead from the 4th Bear Regulars in 3145.[2]

He was a longtime friend of Galaxy Commander Isis Bekker. He was instrumental in negotiating the Vega Protectorate peaceful absorption into the Rasalhague Dominion.[1]


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