Jump Pack

No. 5 Emergency Jump Pack


A Jump Pack (sometimes in the notation Jetpack) is a backpack thruster unit which allows a person to make powerful leaps or even fly through the air. Jump packs are commonly used by Jump Infantry, allowing them to clear obstacles with ease, but are also incredibly noisy, preventing any sort of stealth.[1]

A jump pack can be used in one of two modes. Assisted jump mode will launch a soldier into the air, allowing them to traverse distances of up to one hundred meters and clear objects as tall as twenty meters. This mode is the most commonly used and fuel-efficient, with a solder able to make two hundred such leaps before running out of fuel.[1]

Flight mode is far more fuel-intensive and dangerous, requiring the soldier to first get airborne as during an assisted jump. While operating in this manner the soldier can fly at speeds of up to 108 km/h, though at this rate their fuel tank will run dry in little over a minute. It can also maintain a minimum speed of 36 km/h for a little over eight minutes of flight, or adjust its flight to hover in one spot, but in any case the operator must maintain constant control over the jump pack lest they go crashing into the ground or some other hard object.[1]

There exists a smaller single-use version ('No. 5 Jump Pack') developed by BanderGaff Technologies Limited for emergency situations. It can lift 280 kg for one kilometer up to thirty meters with a maximum horizontal speed of approximately 160 km/h. It takes less than a minute to ready the emergency pack and about 5 seconds to ignite it. The system is proven and dependable and can be easily concealed.[2]




Item: Jump Pack[3]
Equipment Ratings: D/A-C-A/C
Cost: 3,100
Affiliation: None
Mass: 30 kg
Power use: None


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