Kaumberg Eichhornchen

Kaumberg eichhornchen.png
Kaumberg Eichhornchen
(Feliphilus Kaumbergii)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld Kaumberg
Environment Woodlands, moderate climates
Average mass 10 kg
Average length 28 cm
Average height 13 cm

The Kaumberg Eichhornchen is a small, tree-dwelling mammal native to the world of Kaumberg within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The Kaumberg Eichhornchen is common among the vast woodlands of Kaumberg. However, due to the creature's tendency of hitching rides on the planet's outbound lumber shipments, it has spread to many other worlds throughout the Inner Sphere. Many humans have taken the creatures in as pets due to their cute appearance and the soothing sounds they make.

However, they have a tremendous appetite for wood products and will gladly chew up furniture as well as the structural support elements of buildings. This tendency for destruction has led many to treat them as pests.[1]


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