Ken Horner

Ken Horner
Occupation Writer
BattleTech forum handle Kit_deSummersVille

Ken Horner is a writer for Catalyst Game Labs. He has contributed to several BattleTech sourcebooks and rulebooks.

BattleTech contributions

His writing credits for BattleTech include:



Technical Readouts


  • Starting in 2005, with Jihad Hot Spots: 3070, Horner's first name began appearing in some credits pages with a following apostrophe, i.e., "Ken' Horner". According to him, that is how he writes his first name for writing projects.[1] Use of the apostrophe started as early as 1996 when Ken Horner and his friend Ken Petruzzelli were both active in the newsgroup. Ken Horner used the apostrophe to distinguish himself. Later, when the two were roommates with dial-up and one phone line they were accused of being the same person, because they were never on the Internet at the same time.


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