Creature information
Type Reptile
Homeworld Andiron[1]
Environment Temperate regions[1]
Average mass 42 kg[2]
Creature stats
System A Time of War
STR 4[2]
BOD 4[2]
DEX 4[2]
RFL 5[2]
WIL 4[2]
EDG 3[2]
Traits Armor (+1)
Good Hearing (+2)
Good Smell (+2)
Skills AniMelee +3
Perception +4
Tracking +2[2]
Size Small (-1)[2]
Armor 2/1/0/1[2]
Attack 2M/4[2]


The Khog is a species of reptile originating from Andiron. Similar in size to large dogs, khogs have thick hides with armor plates down to the tail. While armed with claws, teeth, and a tail that ends in a bony ball that can strike hard enough to break bone, khogs are generally unwilling to fight unless forced to. Genders can be differentiated by the horns on their heads: female khogs have one central horn pointed up, while male khogs also have a downward-curved horn on each side.[1]

Khogs can be domesticated and trained. They have been kept as pets, used as messengers and small pack animals, and in some cases have been trained to fight for blood sports.[1] The Marian Hegemony is known to have trained khogs as trackers for military use, and they are popular pets in the Circinus Federation.[3]



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