Kim Centrella

Kim Centrella
Character Profile
Affiliation House Centrella
Rank Magestrix
Children Carmen Raventhir[1]
Jehan Centrella[1]
John Raventhir[1]

Kim Centrella was the 27th Magestrix of Canopus.


Early life

The granddaughter of Gorraine Centrella, Kim was appointed Interim Magestrix upon her disappearance and elected in her own right three years later when Gorraine's death was finally confirmed.

Kim followed the example of her great-grandmother Carla and retired in late middle age.


Kim's husband's family name was Raventhir, the first association of the name with House Centrella. She gave birth to triplets in 2689: two sons John and Carmen, and a daughter Jehan. Although John died without issue in 2718, Carmen would father further Raventhir, founding a distinguished noble house.


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