Kittery Prefecture

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Kittery Prefecture
Faction Profile
Time period: 3072
Classification: Minor power
Controlled systems: 5
Capital world: Kittery
Ruler title: unknown
Military: unknown
Secret Service: unknown

The Kittery Prefecture was established in 3072 by Devlin Stone and other warriors after they liberated the planets from the Word of Blake.


When word started spreading around about this group of planets that were being liberated from the control of the Blakists, Victor Steiner-Davion believed that this idea of a prefecture was the work of a bandit-king looking to create their own power within the Inner Sphere. In October of 3073, Victor and Stone met on the planet of Tukayyid where Devlin told him about what he was doing and how he was going to do it. Victor, had to decide whether he was going to stop Stone or get out of his way. Victor decided to get out of his way to let Stone restructure the Inner Sphere to allow for peace. Victor knew that society was going to collapse because of the Word of Blake attacks, and restructuring the way society has worked for hundreds of years was the only way to bring peace to the Inner Sphere.[1]

Prefecture Planets


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