Kossandra Centrella (26th c.)

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Kossandra Centrella
Character Profile
Affiliation House Centrella
Position Magestrix
Profession Noble

Kossandra Centrella was the first Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus


Early Life

Kossandra Centrella was a Captain in the Free Worlds League Military. She, along with two ‘Mech lances from the Defenders of Andurien, were stranded on Highspire following a withdrawal of FWL forces. While Centrella managed to return to the Free Worlds League with the units, she would not forgive her superior officers in the Free Worlds League Military for the incident.[1]

Founding of the Magistracy of Canopus

Following her return to the Free Worlds League, Centrella gathered support from other MechWarriors who were disenchanted by their government and military. This group, a “Black Brotherhood”, grew rapidly, and Centrella led its over 100 members to capture a group of Davion transports. These transports were then used to travel to the Periphery and settle the first Canopian systems, marking the founding of the Magistracy of Canopus in 2530.[1]

Magestrix Kossandra Centrella successfully negotiated pacts with leaders of border worlds of the Capellan Confederation and Free Worlds League for covert aid and mutual security.[2] Centrella was involved in the creation of the Magistracy’s first constitution in 2531, which included a provision limiting political positions to women.[3] She would also be heavily involved in the foundation of the Magistracy Intelligence Ministry by raising an elite special forces unit that would observe the Magistracy’s neighbors and run covert operations.[4]

It is unknown when Kossandra Centrella’s reign as Magestrix ended.


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