Lesser Branth

Lesser branth.png
Lesser Branth
(Draco Minoris Lopecis)
Creature information
Type Reptile
Homeworld Lopez
Environment All
Average mass 8 kg
Average length 50 cm
Average height 35 cm

The Lesser Branth is a flying reptile found on the world of Lopez within the Free Worlds League.[1]


Better known as the branth-rat, the Lesser Branth is a smaller version of the well-known Branth. It is unknown if the species was present before mankind colonized Lopez or if the creature is the result of engineering an offshoot of the Branth to serve as a pet. Whatever its origin, the animals is widely sought after by Andurien nobility as familiars. Though like the larger Branth, the species does not prosper when removed from its homeworld and few live more than a few months offworld.

On Lopez itself, the species exists in large numbers. From time to time, the animals will form packs, or branth swarms as the locals call them, and ravage the counterside looking for food before the pack collapses into cannibalism. To avoid the devastation that this can cause, the numbers of animals are closely watched. Sometimes the local militia are called in to cull their numbers.[1]


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