Lift Hoist

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Lift Hoist / Arresting Hoist
Production information
Type Equipment
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Availability Pre-spaceflight
Technical specifications
Heat 0
Tons Lift Hoist = 3;
Arresting Hoist = 3
Critical Slots 'Mechs = 3

Support Vehicle = 1 Combat Vehicle = 1

Cost (unloaded) 5,000
BV (2.0) 5


Lift Hoists[edit]

Lift Hoists allow 'Mechs, Support Vehicles, and other vehicle types to handle cargo via a lifting mechanism. This piece of equipment usually increases the speed of moving cargo.

The typical style of this equipment varies. Examples include a chain-and-pulley method, high-tension cables, or myomer powered, claw-like specialty lifters.[1]

Arresting Hoist[edit]

Arresting Hoists are a typical variant of the lift hoist, which are used to reel aircraft into an Airship or bring small spacecraft and other vehicles into a DropShip's fighter or small craft bays. However, it is noted that this method is considered hazardous at times.[1]


  • Unit Restrictions:
    • Lift Hoist: All units may use it except: ProtoMechs, fighters (conventional and aerospace), small craft and DropShips
    • Arresting Hoists: Are restricted to only Airship Support Ships, Fixed-Wing Air Support Ships, VTOLs (Combat & Support VTOLs) & DropShips.


  • Critical slots for arresting hoists are part of the bay itself.[2]


SteelTek Cargo[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Carbine [3]

Heavy Duty GripperTech[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
StrongArm [4]


Game Rules[edit]

  • Lift Hoists: Lift Hoist may be used by only if the unit is active and if the pilot is able to act.
  • Arresting Hoists: This equipment allows Fixed-Wing Air Support Vehicles, DropShips, VTOLs, and Airship Support Ships to retrieve fighters. This is action is allowed as long the unit remains in play and the pilot or crew is able to act.[5]

Each Lift Hoist allows a unit to lift cargo equal to half its tonnage (or 200 whichever is lower) and suffer no movement penalty for carrying cargo up to half their tonnage.[6]

Construction Rules[edit]

Lift Hoists[edit]

'Mechs (Industrial or BattleMech) may mount up to two Lift Hoists in either arms or their Torsos. Combat and Support Vehicles can mount up four standard lifts which are restricted to the body of vehicle. VTOLs may mount them anywhere but the main body.[7]

Arresting Hoists[edit]

You may only equip one per the Airship Support Vehicle's vehicle cubicle that is designated as a dock for airborne craft.[8]


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