Light Autocannon

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The first Light Autocannon were prototypes created by the NAIS during the Clan Invasion. They didn't see widespread production until after the NAIS was destroyed by the Word of Blake's assault on New Avalon. Despite the advances of the NAIS, only the lightest two autocannon were effective weapons.[1]

The LAC/2 and LAC/5 trade some range for a weight reduction of approximately 20%. This allows combat units to carry more weapons, ammunition, or armor, and still use the specialized autocannon rounds (Precision, Flechette, and Armor-Piercing) developed for the AFFS. The AFFS is the largest user of the Light Autocannon, but Imperator Automatic Weaponry has introduced the weapon to the Free Worlds League Military.[1]

Currently there are only two types of Light Autocannon:[1]


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