Lincoln Osis

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Khan Lincoln Osis with Vandervahn Chistu (on right)

Lincoln Osis (3014[1] – 23 April, 3060[2], aged 46 years) was a Clan Smoke Jaguar Elemental who became Khan of his Clan during the invasion and later became the last ilKhan of the Clans. He presided over the death of his Clan when the Smoke Jaguars were pushed out of the Inner Sphere and were annihilated on their homeworld of Huntress. Osis himself was killed by Victor Steiner-Davion on Strana Mechty in 3060 during the Great Refusal.


We will crush the Inner Sphere until they are but smoke and dreams. - from The Invading Clans, 3058


Preceded by
Leo Showers
Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar

Succeeded by
(Clan annihilated)
Preceded by
Elias Crichell
ilKhan of the Clans

Succeeded by


  • There is a gray area concerning Osis' replacement as Khan following his election to ilKhan. While he was ilKhan, he apparently continued to act as Khan of the Jaguars. While this situation should not have occurred, there is no mention of any individual replacing Osis as Khan. Therefore, it is assumed that he inexplicably retained his position as Khan while also acting as ilKhan. This definitely seems to be the case according to Trial Under Fire, the novelization of Mechwarrior 3 (and the game itself), where Brendon Corbett is expected to be the next Khan with Osis' death.


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