Lothian League

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Lothian League
Faction Profile
Time period: ca. 2691 - 3054
Classification: Periphery State
Controlled systems: ca. 8
Capital world: Lothario
Ruler title: unknown
Military: mercenary units
Secret Service: unknown

The Lothian League is a small Periphery realm composed by seven ice-and-snow planets located beyond the outer reaches of the Lyran Commonwealth near to the Marian Hegemony.

Capital: Lothario
Star Type: M3III
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 2.69 days
Recharging Station: None
Current Ruler: Lorelei Logan, Grand Mistress of the Lothian League
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 2,020,000
Percentage and Level to Native Life: 20%, Mammal
The capital of the seven-member Lothian League, Lothario is typical of the other worlds of the League. This small world has a thin atmosphere and is perpetually covered in ice and snow, with only marginal zones of habitation centered upon the planet's equator. A rather beautiful world, it is known for its spectacular aurora arising from the frequently intense solar winds of its parent sun. Most of the planet's inhabitants exist in subterranean conclaves, though a few hardy souls continue to scrape out sustenance on the planet's surface, fiercely defending their small agricultural plots. The average Lotharian is highly territorial and suspicious of any offworlder



To avoid capture by the Star League, a group of patriots from the Taurian Concordat fled into deep space. In 2691, under the guidance of Angelina Logan they settled on the planet Lothario, which was later discovered to be rich in metals. Over time the League expanded deeper into the Periphery to form a seven-member confederation. With the Logan family at its head it slowly grew into a small Periphery state.

On the brink

The only serious threat to the League's existence came in 2933, when renegade mercenaries from units shattered in the latest round of Succession War fighting stumbled upon the League quite by accident. For four years, both sides conducted a series of raids and counter-raids until, at long last, the mercenaries left to seek easier prey elsewhere. These actions cost the League its few JumpShips and damaged what little industry on Lothario had managed to emerge over the last three centuries. This destruction forced the ruling Logan family to renew trade ties with other planets of the Periphery in a desperate effort to avoid economic ruin.


In the last century, the League became a major supplier of copper and iron ores to the Magistracy and the Taurian Concordat, receiving in turn agricultural and mining equipment to sustain its fragile existence. Also exported were large quantities of furs, iron, and copper ores to worlds within the Magistracy and the Taurian Concordat. Indeed, its trapping industry has created impressive revenues as demand for the rich pelts has grown in the last century.

Recent affairs

The typical Lothian citizen was a rugged individualist who wanted little to do with the universe at large. As long as he and his family could eke out a marginal living, he is content to let the rest of the universe pound itself to dust. Literacy and technology levels are low, but the average standard of living is surprisingly adequate. The Lothian League was an archetypical example of the old adage: let sleeping dogs lie.

The last ruler of an independent League was Dame Lorelei Logan, nick-named "the Ice Maiden" and the direct descendant of Angelina Logan. Though on good terms with her fellow leaders in the Illyrian Palatinate and the Circinus Federation, the Ice Maiden wanted little to do with the Houses of the Inner Sphere. She had limited contact with the Inner Sphere, which mainly to hire small mercenary bands to defend Lothian worlds against raids from the Marian Hegemony. The Lothian League had two mercenary battalions within its territories, though the identity and quality of these units was unknown.


The Lothian League was conquered by the Marian Hegemony. However Lorelei Logan managed to make a deal with . She became a senator of the Hegemony and the League was able to mantain its cultural autonomy. The Lothian League regained its freedom (as shown on maps dating from the 3120s), although the circumstances are as yet unclear.