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====Major Military Formations====
====Major Military Formations====
Magistracy Royal Guards
Magistracy Royal Guards
Raventhir’s Iron Hand: Undying Service
[Raventhir’s Iron Hand]: Undying Service
1st Canopian Cuirassiers: Danai’s Finest
1st Canopian Cuirassiers: Danai’s Finest
2nd Canopian Cuirassiers: Emma’s Flight
2nd Canopian Cuirassiers: Emma’s Flight

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Crest of the Magistracy of Canopus
Magistracy of Canopus
Faction Profile
Time period: 2530 - present
Classification: Periphery State
Controlled systems: 42
Capital world: Canopus IV
Ruler title: Magestrix
Military: Magistracy Armed Forces
Secret Service: Magistracy Intelligence Ministry

The Magistracy of Canopus is an interstellar nation located in the Periphery. The Magistracy is a matriarchal society led by a Magestrix of the Centrella family. The capital is in the city of Crimson on Canopus.



Magistracy Armed Forces

The Magistracy Armed Forces are designed mostly around the idea of maneuvering to defeat an enemy. Considered light but swift, they make up for their lack of individual firepower by training to act as cohesive units.

The Magistracy Naval Reserve

The Magistracy Naval Reserve is based around the Magestrix destroyer, missile-armed Leopards, fighter-carrying Unions, and the small Sabre AeroSpace Fighter. The massive Thunderbird OmniFighters are used to pin and destroy enemy ships while the Sabres harass the enemy flanks.

The Magistracy Land Forces

The ground forces are composed mostly of medium BattleMechs, primarily the swift Shadow Hawk OmniMech, supported by the equally swift Rommel OmniTank. Lighter designs are primarily used for scouting of harassing, while the heavier Marauders are the hammers of the Magistracy military. The rare Marauder IIs in the Magistracy military, purchased from the Taurian Concordat, are only brought into action rarely, but have stopped more than one Marik or Liao raid in their tracks.

Major Military Formations

Magistracy Royal Guards [Raventhir’s Iron Hand]: Undying Service 1st Canopian Cuirassiers: Danai’s Finest 2nd Canopian Cuirassiers: Emma’s Flight 3rd Canopian Cuirassiers: Naomi’s Own

Chasseurs Ẩ Chaval 1st Canopian Light Horse: Defiance at all Cost 2nd Canopian Light Horse: Centrella Honor 3rd Canopian Light Horse: Defiant to the End 4th Canopian Light Horse: Defilers of the Word

Canopian Fusiliers 1st Canopian Fusiliers: Defenders of the Realm 2nd Canopian Fusiliers: League Killers 3rd Canopian Fusiliers: Pirate Hunters

Magistracy Cavaliers 1st Magistracy Cavaliers: Thraxa’s Own 2nd Magistracy Cavaliers: Addasar’s Own 3rd Magistracy Cavaliers: Umka’s Own 4th Magistracy Cavaliers: Weistheimer’s Own 5th Magistracy Cavaliers: Abilene’s own

Magistracy Highlanders 1st Magistracy Highlanders: Long’s Light Lancers 2nd Magistracy Highlanders: Nellie’s Naughties

Raventhir Cuirassiers 1st Raventhir Cuirassiers: Stalwart Allies 2nd Raventhir Cuirassiers: Warrior-Diplomats 3rd Raventhir Cuirassiers: Federation’s Rock 4th Raventhir Cuirassiers: Motown Madness


Manufacturing Center

A list of some Magistracy manufacturing centers.

Major Defense Industries[1]




Name Reign Descent
Centrella Magestrix 2530 - 2584
Kossandra 2530 - ****
**** **** - **** Daughter of Kossandra
Floral **** - 2550 Granddaughter of Kossandra
Coranna 2550 - 2569
Crystalla 2569 - 2584
Rulers 2584 - 2604
General Ian Marik 2584 - 2588
Military Governor Melissa Humphreys 2588 - 2604
Centrella Magestrix 2604 - present
Rinalla 2604 - 2612 Daughter of Crystalla
Carla 2612 - 2654 Daughter of Rinalla
Celine 2654 - 2656 Daughter of Carla
Gorraine 2656 - 2680 Sister of Celine
Acting Magestrix Kim 2680 - 2683 Granddaughter of Gorraine
Kim 2683 - 2712
Jehan 2712 - 2738 Daughter of Kim
Acting Magestrix Vanura 2738 - **** Daughter of Jehan
Vanura **** - 2760
Janina 2760 - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix during the Amaris Crisis
**** **** - ****
Rwannah **** - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix during the 1st Succession War
**** **** - ****
Michaela **** - **** Daughter of ****, Magestrix 2840
**** **** - ****
Tamara **** - 3012
Kyalla 3012 - 3040 Daughter of Tamara
Emma 3040 - **** Daughter of Kyalla
Naomi 3073 - **** Daughter of Emma & Nicolas Ramilia, wife of Sun-Tzu Liao
Ilsa **** - **** Daughter of Naomi and Sun-Tzu Liao


Historical Maps


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