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Malavai Fletcher

Malavai Fletcher
Character Profile
Born 29??
Died 3065
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses
Rank Khan

Malavai Fletcher was an Elemental who rose to the rank of Khan in Clan Hell's Horses.

Rise to Prominence

Malavai Fletcher participated in the second war between the Ghost Bears and Hell's Horses centered on the planet of Niles. The battle was set for a Trial of Possession for the Horses' production facility. During the battle, Khan Lair Seidman was killed by Clan Ghost Bear in the conflict. The Horses won the battle, but it was a costly victory for both them and their sworn enemy. Malavai Fletcher survived the conflict, but was severely wounded causing him to undergo intense medical care and cybernetics in order to survive. He would later become Khan of the Hell's Horses, succeeding the fallen Seidman.[1]

Call to the Crusaders

After Fletcher became Khan, he changed many of the Warden policies of the Hell's Horses into Crusader lines. The Clan's warriors would later be described as "Wardens lead by Crusaders", changing the shift in the Clan’s ideology from Warden to Crusader.[2]

Bidding a Slot

After the wake of the Refusal War of 3057 between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, both Wolf and Falcon Khans sought a way to weaken the Homeworld forces while rebuilding their own toumans. This concept would emerge as the Harvest Trials, as both Vlad Ward and Marthe Pryde announced that any Home Clan unit who wanted to fight in the Inner Sphere would have to participate in a Trial of Possession to join them. This would prove to be beneficial as the two battered Clans would take this opportunity to recover well from their shattered Toumans quickly by skimming other Homeworlds units. While most clans would bid away their loyal units to either the Wolves or the Jade Falcons, Khan Fletcher instead offered a contract bid to the Wolf Khan Vlad Ward. Though initially, a supporter of Asa Taney's Home Clan Coalition, he saw a better opportunity dealing with the Wolves than the Ice Hellions. The goal of the bid was to allow the Hell's Horses to fight on behalf of Clan Wolf while retaining loyalty to their parent clan. Malavai would bid his elite 12th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster to the Wolves. The bid between the two Khans bore fruit as it would allow the Horses to have three Inner Sphere worlds leased to them, while the Wolves would gain a new cluster without fighting for one. With their new planets, Malavai would finally set his sights on his hated foe, Clan Ghost Bear.[3]

Paradise in Flames

Like the Steel Vipers before them, Malavai's hatred of the Ghost Bears would prove to be his downfall. After the events of the Combine-Bear War, Clan Ghost Bear would seek retribution against the Hell's Horses, who have been nothing but a thorn in their side ever since they arrived in the Inner Sphere. The Ghost Bears would fight the Hell's Horses taking various planets away from their rivals. Malavai would also suffer at the hands of Ghost Bear ristar, Jake Kabrinski mirroring a situation similar to Perigard Zalman and Diana Pryde, ending in his defeat. The Hell's Horses would be expelled from the Inner Sphere and to add insult to injury, Khan Fletcher lost his honor and reputation as many Horse warriors deemed him unfit to rule as Khan.[4]

Death & Legacy

James Cobb, Malavai's slayer and successor.

Unsatisfied with Khan Fletcher's performance during his time in the Inner Sphere, he was challenged to a rapier duel over his conduct and killed by James Cobb. Malavai would later be succeeded by his slayer as the new Khan of Clan Hell's Horses.[5]

His successor would undo many of the changes done by Khan Fletcher, such as reverting the Hell's Horses status as a Warden Clan, getting revenge on Clan Wolf for their manipulation of his clan, and making peace with the Ghost Bears.


Malavai was known to be unhinged and unstable around his fellow Clansmen. His cybernetics only worsened his attitude.

Titles and Positions

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Hell's Horses
???? - 3046[6]

Succeeded by
Tanya DeLaurel


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