Mariel Sanders

Mariel Sanders
Character Profile
Died 26 October 2821
Affiliation Star League
Clan Widowmaker
Rank saKhan

saKhan Mariel Sanders was the first saKhan of Clan Widowmaker and the founder of the Sanders Bloodname.[1][2]


Star League Defense Force

Prior to Operation EXODUS, Sanders served in the Star League Defense Force, as part of the 194th Mechanized Infantry Division.[3]

Clan Widowmaker

Sanders later joined Aleksandr Kerensky on Operation EXODUS to the Clan Homeworlds, and then Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus to Strana Mechty. On the formation of the Clans, she was allocated to Clan Widowmaker, and became its first saKhan.

The Widowmaker's 194th Crusader Cluster were named in honor of her SLDF unit, 194th Mechanized Infantry Division.[3]

Operation KLONDIKE and Death

Sanders participated in Operation KLONDIKE, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky's campaign to reconquer the Pentagon Worlds.[1] She was shot by an assassin on 22 October 2821 on Dagda during that campaign, while inspecting a recently captured (and supposedly secure) village.

The assassin, who had posed as a passing trader, was killed immediately after the attack by Sanders' entourage. Sanders herself received field treatment, and was medivaced first to the Widowmaker's headquarters at Folke, and then to a Condor-class medical DropShip the SLS Moorfields once it was determined her injuries were more serious than first believed. She later died from her wounds on 26 October 2821.[2][4]


A part of the volcanic Dratha Headlands near the location of Sanders' assassination on Dagda was, by the time of the Widowmaker Absorption, called Point Sanders in her honor. During the Absorption, the Widowmaker's 3rd Battle Cluster was cornered by attacking Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon forces near this location, perhaps as at deliberate insult to the Widowmakers. Despite the 3rd's Star Colonel Maria Isaac invoking Sanders' name in deciding to resist their annihilation, the entire unit was destroyed during the battle.[5]


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