Mary Tallman

Mary Tallman
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns;
Federated Commonwealth
Rank Marshal[1]

Mary Tallman was the commanding officer of the Bremond DMM (3021 to 3042) and then the overall Bremond PDZ (3042 to at least 3062), rising from Lieutenant General to Marshal.[2][3][4][5][6][1]


Mary Tallman was the daughter of a MechTech with the 22nd Avalon Hussars and grew up around BattleMechs her entire life. In her late teens she built a Locust out of spare parts from a junk heap, though her father refused to allow her to arm it. As a result she became proficient at piloting it, so proficient in fact she set the record for the 22nd's obstacle course, a record that still stood nearly twenty years later.[2]

Mary enrolled in the NAIS (see Notes) but found the restrictions placed on cadets, particularly not being let near a 'Mech for the first two years, too restrictive so she left and enlisted with the 22nd. After thirteen years she had promoted up to Captain and earned a reputation as a skilled tactician. But as the daughter of a Tech in the unit, she felt she had reached her ceiling in that unit. She transferred to the Robinson DMM, reaching Major within three years. Offered command of the Bremond DMM she jumped at the chance.[2]

When she arrived on Bremond she discovered the unit in turmoil. Racial strife between troops native to Bremond and offworlders roiled the ranks. The day after her arrival a riot broke out near base, resulting in the deaths of three civilians. After an investigation found two MechWarriors responsible, she had them hanged. She pushed her troops hard, daily drills and collective punishment eventually turning the unit around.[2]

Four months after taking command of the DMM a 3021[7][8][9] raid by the Fifth Galedon Regulars on New Ivaarsen turned into an occupation, with no line regiments around to challenge them. After hastily assembling transportation, the Bremond DMM conducted an orbital insertion on the surprised Regulars. With minimal losses the DMM drove the Regulars from New Iverson.[2]

Tallman is viewed as one of the best generals in the AFFS, a tactically brilliant and uncompromising fighter who pushes her units to levels most units - Militia or front line - could reach. Transfers from the Bremond DMM are highly sought after, a Lance commander proving to be the equal of a Company commander in other units. Tallman received countless offers for a high post, and she turned them all down.[2]

By 3042 Mary Tallman had finally been convinced to accept promotion and command of the overall Bremond Polymorphous Defense Zone, picking Syraman Simpreeni to take over command of her old unit. Simpreeni shared many of Tallman's qualities and worked equally hard to maintain the Bremond DMM's abilities and reputation.[6]


Tallman piloted a customized TDR-5S-T Thunderbolt[10]


At the time of the 3021 New Ivaarsen raid, Tallman had been in the AFFS for at least 16 years, placing her stint at the NAIS about 3005. Since NAIS opened in 3016, this is a continuity error, with Tallman possibly attending the NAIS predecessor the New Avalon Military Academy instead.


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