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- Incoming Coded Message -- Kurultai Instruction Follows -

- Decode Fang Protocol – GALxAlpha 327th: 3rd

- Disseminate by need only -

Our 352nd Assault, 3rd Battle Cluster, and 13th Wolf Guards have cut off the Falcon’s 6th Provisional Garrison in the Great Gash. The Falcons’ 5th Talon is assaulting the 13th’s flank, attempting to break the line.

Probes have located the 5th Talon Cluster’s Mobile HQ hidden within the spires and mesas of the Plain of Curtains. The Keshik has deemed it necessary to capture the command vehicle and its staff for “interrogation.” Let the Falcon remember Twycross!

  • Codename: Scorching Sand
  • Planet: Twycross
  • Terrain: Mesa Desert
  • Time: Dawn

Sweep the area, following the NAV sequence, and search for the Mobile HQ. It will be defended. You may destroy any defenders, but the command vehicle must not be harmed. Once the command vehicle has been taken by destroying all defending units, set up a defensive position and wait for your DropShip. Do not allow the command vehicle to come to harm!


  • Primary: Capture and secure enemy command vehicle
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending units
  • Tertiary: Destroy any targets of opportunity
  • Return: Dustoff site: Command vehicle site


The command vehicle has been captured and staff are being “interrogated.” Your action has stunned the enemy long enough for the 5th to link up and resupply the 6th. The mission was a success.

Well done, MechWarrior. The Keshik is pleased.