MechWarrior Pilot Deck: Warriors of Kerensky I

MechWarrior Pilot Deck: Warriors of Kerensky I
Product information
Type Game Aid
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 18 October 2020
Content Pilot Cards
Era Clan Invasion
Series MechWarrior Pilot Decks
Preceded by Champions of the Inner Sphere I
Followed by Mercenaries of the Inner Sphere II


The MechWarrior Pilot Deck: Warriors of Kerensky I accessory was created by Catalyst Game Labs as a reward item available during their crowdfunding effort for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion [Kickstarter campaign] which ran from 18 July 2019 to August 18 2019. A number of decks described as premium MechWarrior Pilot Cards were announced as being in development, with the first two packs being unlocked when the $310,000 USD funding target was reached. Warriors of Kerensky I was one of the first two packs announced. By the end of the campaign five such Pilot Decks had been announced, and a sixth was added after the campaign.

Each backer who pledged at the Bloodnamed/150 USD level received a choice of one of the first two decks - Champions of the Inner Sphere I or Warriors of Kerensky I - for free. This deck could also be purchased as an add-on after the campaign for $15 USD.


This deck consists of 55 Pilot Cards detailing characters from across the Clans. One side of the each card has the standard Pilot Card entry; the other side depicts a character illustration commissioned for one of the Kickstarter backers. Each pilot's name, callsign, and quote was also based on details submitted by Kickstarter backers.

Card List

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