Medusa Whip

Medusa Whip


The "Medusa" Whip is a Clan neural whip, also known as an electrowhip or "Seeker" whip. The "Medusa" can deliver pain both as a normal whip or as a neural shocker thanks to a variable setting, ranging from producing a minor sting to a severe shock capable of causing nerve damage or stopping the heart. The whip is also capable of "homing in" on its target through the use of a sophisticated sensor in the handle. This sensor detects and interprets subtle gestures in the user's hand and sends that information along the length of the whip through a series of embedded myomer strands.[1]

Each Clan produces its own model of the "Medusa", which they use in their own paramilitary police forces to discourage crime, typically by enacting severe punishments for even minor offenses. Besides torture, these whips can also find their way into some Clans' more extreme rituals, such as certain rites of surkai.[1]


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