Meridon Shument

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Meridon Shument
Died 3071
Affiliation Word of Blake
Capellan Confederation
Profession Precentor

Meridon Shument was a Word of Blake Precentor that fled the WoB and joined the Capellan Confederation with the intention to leak critical HPG technology to the Confederation.[1]


When 3071, the Capellan Confederation turned against the Word of Blake and besieged the HPG station on Phact, the WoB sent Precentor Gazael and his team to stage a rescue operation that involved dropping Protectorate Militia to secure the spaceport and evacuate the HPG personnel, around 350 people. But the entire mission was, however, a cover for a side mission where Gazael had renegade Precentor Meridon Shument killed.[1]


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