Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat

An Oathmaster was a special position created by Khan Sandra Rosse of Clan Nova Cat. Originally the Oathmaster was charged with ensuring that all members of Clan Nova Cat adhered to the beliefs and practices of the Clans. In time they took on a more mystical role, becoming responsible for the spiritual well-being of the Clan. Oathmasters were responsible for interpreting visions, especially on behalf of those Khans who lacked the clarity of sight to foretell the future. They were also responsible for interpreting the prophecies which Sandra Rosse had left behind in her journal after her passing. In many cases these prophecies were eerily accurate in predicting events to come, although whether a Nova Cat Khan chose to act upon them was at their discretion. A grand melee was held every year by the Nova Cats to determine who would be Oathmaster.[1]

The position of Oathmaster was also adopted by certain other Clans, although lacking in the same spiritual character. Typically granted to the oldest and most experienced warrior, these Oathmasters fulfilled specific functions for various ceremonies, such as administering oaths.[1]

The position of Loremaster a special rank among the Clans whose responsibility is to safeguard and interpret Clan law. Each Clan maintain their own Loremaster.

List of Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat

Name Reign
Biccon Winters 3058[2]
Minoru Nova Cat


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