Oscar Bianchi

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Oscar Bianchi
Character Profile
Also known as "Turnstone"
Born 2974[1]
Affiliation House Bianchi
Profession MechWarrior

Oscar Bianchi was a MechWarrior serving in the Aurigan Coalition's special Rampart Company in the aftermath of the Arano Civil War.[1]


The youngest son of House Bianchi, a Capellan noble family from Corodiz, Oscar Bianchi enjoyed many privileges, including the best education available and training from experienced MechWarriors. His father ran afoul of the Indri Consortium, a Free Worlds League organized crime group. In order to pay his debts, Lord Bianchi indentured the family 'Mech, and his youngest son as pilot, to Indri for twenty years. Oscar woke up on Andurien.[1]

Bianchi was treated well, despite his indentured status, and became an enthusiastic enforcer for the consortium. When his term of indenture was over, he took his 'Mech back home to Corodiz, where he took financial compensation from his father, leaving the House in financial ruin in so doing. He then traveled to the frontier and spent lavishly. When the money ran out, he became a mercenary. From Irukjandi Company, he transferred to Rampart Company and the service of House Arano.[1]


"Palandria", a modified CPLT-C1 Catapult, is the House Bianchi family BattleMech, and technically the property of Oscar's father, at least under Capellan law.


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